ISRC: DEVY72200036

label: erlkoenig records LC 57991 / publishing: EDITION erlkoenig publishing c/o ROBA MUSIC GMBH








“The honest song (A little more)” is about letting go of the picture-perfect image we try to create of ourselves, trying to impress people with how great our lives supposedly are! The best and most profound conversations I´ve had were always the ones where we would just get real with each other, let our guards down, and talk about the struggles we might be going through! That´s when we really find a connection and realize that we all have our issues and are all pretty much on the same page.

The DIY artist produces all of her tracks only using her vocals and body percussion, transforming each sound into an instrument.

Her last tracks made it onto Apple Music´s “New in Pop” playlists and radio stations have set an eye on the artist, introducing her songs to their audience. Mercedes AMG invited the artist to perform one of her songs at their international event “IAA” in 2021. After a two-year break of performing due to the pandemic, the German-American has finally been able to bring all of her new songs to the stage!


Music & Lyrics by DEVADO

Vocals by DEVADO

All samples based on voice and body percusssion by DEVADO

Produced by DEVADO

Mixed and mastered by Dennis Keil

Video & Photos by DEVADO


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