escape ISLAND

Wanna escape? Just come with me to "escape ISLAND" where we can have a fun together and hang out. Meet me and loads of other friends. Figure out more by exploring the different spots on the island...


escape ISLAND
Concert Hall Coffee House Harbour / Info Boat dock Library Studio

Concert Hall

Join concerts live from where ever you are right now! Filmed/Streamed from my stage cam which is right on my stage ...

Coffee House

Hang out and chat with friends and me in the virtual coffee house ...

Harbour / Info

Thanks for coming to "escape ISLAND". Feel free to explore the ISLAND. Have fun and enjoy ... No ticket yet? Get one quickly at the BOAT dock...

Boat dock

At the dock, you get your free ticket for "escape ISLAND"...


This is the place where you find loads of stuff to listen, watch or read. Stuff like not released songs, special video clips, lyrics. Most of it can be downloaded for free...


Interested in free singing lessons, come on in!


escap ISLAND: what is it all about?


Got your free ticket for escape ISLAND? Just enter the boat and enjoy the ride…

If not, get your free ticket at the ticket counter. Enjoy the ride!


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