ISRC: DEVY72200001

label: erlkoenig records LC 57991 / publishing: EDITION erlkoenig publishing c/o ROBA MUSIC GMBH








DEVADO is starting the year off with the first of many “MOOD” singles. To surprise her fans each single includes two voice-over tracks talking about the song story and arrangement of the song. The DIY artist not only writes but produces her songs only using her vocals and body percussion on all of her productions, giving her music a unique sound. From sad to happy, the German-American came up with a concept creating a song to go with almost every mood, releasing a new one every six to eight weeks in 2022 including fun music videos the artist creates and edits herself.

The R´n´B pop singer, songwriter and producer, DEVADO, has created a unique technique for her own productions that definitely stands out by only using her vocals and body percussion for the complete recordings. She has created a unique sample library for herself with her voice and other sounds that she skillfully transforms into synthesizers, bass, beats and more. There is no limit to her ideas which is why we get to hear a new song every six to eight weeks that she cooks up for us in her home studio. Just recently Mercedes-AMG invited the artist to perform one of her songs for the reveal of their new cars at the IAA 2021, introducing DEVADO to a worldwide audience. You can watch the performance on their You Tube channel.


Music & Lyrics by DEVADO

Produced by DEVADO

Mixed and mastered Dennis Keil

Vocals and all samples by DEVADO

Video by DEVADO

Photos by DEVADO


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