ISRC: DEVY72200007

label: erlkoenig records LC 57991 / publishing: EDITION erlkoenig publishing c/o ROBA MUSIC GMBH








“The jealous song (Stupid jealousy)” is the second of several “mood” tracks that DEVADO will be releasing in 2022. Renowned blog “Earmilk” featured the artist with her February single “The dreamy song (Free-er)” on their platform, introducing the artist to their international audience! “Geheimtipp München” will also be featuring DEVADO on the day of the release of the song.


“I regularly find myself scrolling through social media feeling jealous of others, even though I know its totally dumb and a waste of my time and energy. I really wanted to write an anthem on that topic, turning jealous feelings into something uplifting and taking its negative impact away by supporting those I might compare myself with! 

I dont know if its more of a “girl thing” but I know for sure that jealousy, not matter if it has to do with looks, success or whatever, is a topic for a lot of us that I wanted to address in this song!”

DEVADO wrote, recorded and produced this fun bop only using her vocals and body percussion in her home studio. The music video is a a super fun girls video, portraying the positive message of the song, reminding us how important it is to support each other rather than putting each other down.


Music & Lyrics by DEVADO

Vocals by DEVADO

All samples based on voice and body percusssion by DEVADO

Produced by DEVADO

Mixed and mastered by Dennis Keil

Video & Photos by DEVADO


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