ISRC: DEVY72200056

label: erlkoenig records LC 57991 / publishing: EDITION erlkoenig publishing c/o ROBA MUSIC GMBH








“I usually write songs that bring a solution or optimism to the table, but unfortunately life doesn´t always work that way. There will always be these weird situations, where we ask ourselves if we should fight for something or give it up.Years ago I lost most of my hearing ability in my left ear, wondering if I would ever be able to do music again. In a split second, I was confronted with the question if I would have to give up one of my biggest passions in life…Thankfully part of my hearing came but, but sadly wasn´t fully restored.


I wanted to pay tribute to the deaf community by adding ASL to the chorus of my song in the music video. I can only imagine what it must be like, to not be able to physically hear music at all…

I hope this song comforts my listeners that we all look for answers in life, hoping to make the right decision in the long run.”


Music & Lyrics by DEVADO

Vocals by DEVADO

All samples based on voice and body percusssion by DEVADO

Produced by DEVADO

Mixed and mastered by Dennis Keil

Video & Photos by DEVADO


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