ISRC: DEVY72000026

label: erlkoenig records / publishing: EDITION erlkoenig publishing c/o ROBA MUSIC GMBH

Inspired by Timbaland´s way of using vocal sounds for beats and other instruments DEVADO created a song exclusively using her own vocals and body percussion. Manipulating her vocals into a bass and synths by using Ableton Live´s Simpler and Sampler, she decided not to use any other files from external libraries to create her own unique sound! The rawness and DIY sonic is also inspired by Lauryn Hill´s first solo album as a female producer, combining singing and rapping with an urban feel to it. DEVADO even dug out her first vocal recordings on cassette from her childhood and digitalized the vocals for the track during the rap part.

“Never gonna fit in” talks about the challenges of growing up in Germany yet having her heart in the US where DEVADO´s mother is from. She finds humor in combining American and German clichés in a rap part:

“If I could choose I´d be there not here, miss my Lucky Charms, where´s my root beer? “Big dreamers” and “Nice-to-meet-you-hello´s, not to mention the flavor of cinnamon rolls..” or “Be a little more realistic”, “safety first and not too risky”, which definitely stands for the German mentality.

The singer says that she never felt like she fit in anywhere. Not only because of her dual nationality but also because of her unique sound of combining RnB and Pop in the German music scene. That´s the reason she gave her music a new name: Clean contemporary rnb.

Many people relate to that feeling of being an outsider, which is why DEVADO wants to push the point and create a musical safe place by creating this anthem to bop our heads to while our heart is empowered!

Music & Lyrics by DEVADO

Produced by DEVADO

All samples by DEVADO

Vocals by DEVADO

Video by Jonas Michalzik

Photos by Erik Przybilla

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